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Information for non-UU employees

Images in the Image Bank have either been commissioned by Utrecht University or bought as pre-existing images from image makers and external organisations. Imagery in the Image Bank is covered under contract law and is provided in a file size no bigger than A4.


The use of imagery (photo, video, icon and 3D render) from the Image Bank comes with General Terms of Use. Both non-UU employees and UU employees are required to meet these terms.


Utrecht University employees who release images from the Image Bank to non-UU employees are responsible for the non-UU employees' compliance with the general terms of use and the image-specific terms of use. This means that the UU contact person checks all aspects of the publication thoroughly in advance (in accordance with the GDPR) with the applicant or provides the recipient with all the information necessary for a correct publication. The non-UU party itself is legally responsible for the actual publication of an image from the Image Bank.

Requested images from the UU image bank may not be used in resources or included in another database of a UU partner or external party, unless the person (s) portrayed has given permission for this using the UU consent form. In this case of consent, the SENDER column is ticked for UU partner or other party.


Publications of photographic content in resources of third parties are required to:
-written permission of the portrayed or an applicable basis (in accordance with AVG);
-Reference name image maker is mandatory;
-Reference name artist or architect and pictured work is mandatory (when applicable);
-UU logo is stated in resources of UU partners;
-Name Utrecht University is stated in resources of other parties (without UU-logo);  
-Source Utrecht University is stated in the caption of the image or in the colophon, the intro/outro (bumper) or the credits;
-publishing is only allowed in the context of the profiling of Utrecht University with a clearly defined processing purpose.

Publications in means of external parties - which include the logo of Utrecht University - are preferred. And there is always a direct relationship between the image and the university's profile.

Utrecht University is not responsible for the publication of imagery if it does not own the portrait rights. The publishing party is liable for any illegitimate use of imagery in terms of portrait rights, privacy or copyright.


Third parties who work with or for Utrecht University can register with the Image Bank by clicking the Register button on the homepage. If you have been commissioned by an employee of Utrecht University, you can enter your contact's name in the open text field on the application form.


Do you have any questions regarding the publication of imagery from the Utrecht University Image Bank? Please contact the central administrator of the Image Bank or the liaison of a university subdivision.


Please use the Smart Search page to quickly find images in the Image Bank;
Please visit the Corporate Identity website for more information on the university's image style.

For the proper functioning of this website only functional cookies are required. No tracking cookies are used. Before using the image bank, please read the Terms of Use.


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