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How does the image bank work?

The Utrecht University Image Bank contains over 5000 images (photography, icons and 3D renders). Part of it is available for use in communication resources under the Privacy Act. This page provides an overview of how the Image Bank works.

The term image, images or visual material refers to all types of image and video.
The term image maker refers to all video makers, photographers and designers.


You need an account to order or download imagery from the Image Bank. Click on Register in the menu to create (UU-employee) or apply for (external parties) an account. Once you have an account, you can log in by clicking on Log in in the menu. You can then manage, order and download selections of images.

Personal page

When you are logged with your account information in to the UU image bank, the black menu bar shows your name. When you click on it, you will be taken to your personal page. 

On your personal page you can manage your personal details and view your order or download history. You can also save your self-made selections there.


A customer selects an image in an image section by clicking on the yellow bar with image bank number. You will then be taken to the information page per image. Take a good look at the terms of use and the consent form directly below the image. Choose a file type to the right of the image. A shopping cart with the number 1 (one selected image) appears in the black menu bar. The number represents the number of images you select. Click the back to overview button to select more images. To actually order, click on the shopping cart icon in the black menu bar. You then go through the ordering process. In the open field you indicate in which context you will use the image, who is the publisher and the resource mix after which images can be delivered.


Employees with direct download rights can receive images directly in an image section by clicking the red download button in the yellow bar per image. Or to choose on the information page per image a file type. A short menu will then appear which must be clicked before the image is released.

A direct download account is only assigned to specific employees of Utrecht University. Design agencies or freelance designers can temporarily obtain a direct download account, when they are registered by the UU contact person who supervises an image production.


In order to use imagery from the Image Bank, you will have to meet some conditions. Using imagery in a way that does not meet these conditions may lead to a claim by the image maker or by the portrayed person. The resulting costs will be at the expense of the person who published the content. For each order in the Image Bank you tick a button for the Terms of Use.


You can use the search bar to search based on key words or parts of key words. You can read how to search quickly and effectively on key words on the page Smart Search. The button More search options enables you to search with filters.

Images older than five years, can be recognized by the black / white thumbnail. These images are still current for new publications. When you click on the image and come to the page per image, the image can be seen in full color again.


The delivery time for imagery is three days at most (due to the weekend), but is often less than that. If you are in a hurry to receive your order or have other questions, please contact the central administrator of the Image Bank or the liaison for your faculty or office.


For matters concerning Utrecht University, university employees can utilise a stock company that has been contracted by the university. You can read more about this on the Intranet.

For the proper functioning of this website only functional cookies are required. No tracking cookies are used. Before using the image bank, please read the Terms of Use.


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